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Welcome to Kuala Lumpur

Hailed by many as a “shopping heaven”, Kuala Lumpur is renowned for a variety of large malls, where you can browse some of the world´s most popular brands, and bustling street markets where a number of unique local goods can be found. One of the most popular destinations is the Central Market, where you can browse goods from various arts and crafts specialists, as well as street artists. This acts as a window into the fascinating culture and history of Kuala Lumpur. You can spend days browsing these stores.

When you’re done hunting for bargains, you can enjoy another one of Kuala Lumpur´s highlights; the food. As a result of the multicultural nature of this city, you can take your pick of cuisine from all around the globe at restaurants to suit any atmosphere or budget. From banana leaf dining in Petaling Jaya, to sampling the delights of Jalan Alor, the place to go to experience some stunning local cuisine without breaking the bank.

Throughout the day you can fill your time with all manner of activities, from exploring the extraordinary Batu Caves, to wandering around Chinatown or Little India, there is no shortage of sites to truly delve into the culture of Kuala Lumpur. However, the most recognisable landmark in the city would be the Petronas Twin Towers. The Skybridge that joins these two colossal sky scrapers give you a staggering look at the city skyline. If reaching these dizzying heights does not appeal to you, then the towers are surrounded by a park, where you can have a picnic at the foot of this famous landmark.

The gay venues are spread across the entire city, ranging from Petaling Jaya, to the City Center. The suburb of Cheras is also populated with a various gay venues. These include a number of karaoke bars and pubs, such as Blue Bar, one of the most popular and well-established gay bars in Kuala Lumpur. Although more and more venues are becoming gay friendly, there are still a number of old laws that prohibit homosexuality, so this is worth remembering.

Kuala Lumpur is a city with a friendly atmosphere, and much to offer. There is no doubt that you will be able to keep yourself happy and busy throughout your trip.

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